To say that Bang's grows stellar marijuana is true, it is the basis of our company, but it is the heart behind our gardening that has become our reason for being.


Bang's started as an idea, a dream really, that one day Marijuana prohibition would end and Bang's fine strains would be offered to all who prefer marijuana for all ranges and dimensions of highs and uses.


The extremely calming effects of this strain soothed the anxieties of my day away as I relaxed. Wasted thoughts and worries about the upcoming day slowly faded away, allowing me to enjoy my night in peace.


Clean and tasty hits the whole way through

Great sleep aid for nighttime smokers

Soothed the anxieties of daily life while removing wasted thoughts from the mind

- Brian Goncus | Dope Magazine, August 2016

Nobody wants shit. I figured that out real quick. I still research. I'm still improving. I want to be better every time I pull down.


- Patrick Bang | Dope Magazine, September 2016

With quality that is second to none, Bang's believes that while cannabis can have medicinal properties, it should be available for legal use by responsible adults.


Taking pride in every plant, Bang's will bring you THE Bang every time.


Proudly all organic, meticulously hand crafted products - The Bang Standard.