Bringing the bang with our planet in mind!  Bangs takes pride in re utilizing as many products as possible.  From reusing soil to composting our destructible material. Bangs continues to challenge themselves to minimize our carbon footprint.  Bangs will always have the utmost respect for mother earth.



Organic growing is something we take very seriously!  we believe that cannabis has many great benefits and uses.  in order to maximize its property's cannabis needs to grown the way mother nature intended.  Bangs utilizes compost  created ourselves from waste material as well as compost created by our county's clean green waste management.  we take great pride in stating our main source of nutrients are hand watered and completely plant based.  we believe this is what gives our product such great flavour and effect.  from hand amended soil to your jar bangs always packs a punch!

compost tea is one of the foundations to our living soil